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A selection of talks, interviews, poetry performances and podcast appearances.

Advice from the daughter of a social justice warrior | Liana Nanang, Founder & CEO of Unstoried
School of Social Justice

Advice from the daughter of a social justice warrior | Liana Nanang, Founder & CEO of Unstoried

Storyteller, activist, lawyer, artist, campaigner, and CEO, Liana Nanang, talks to Alvin Carpio about social justice. She shares the story of her journey, how she has helped achieved change, the challenges she faced, and the methods and skills she used. Support us. Help achieve the mission of training the next generation of Martin Luther Kings. Become a patron: ==== Biography: Liana Nanang is a multidisciplinary storyteller with Black-Bermudian, Iban-Malaysian and British parentage. Liana’s work as a writer, sculptor, painter, and performer navigates race, nationality, trauma, resilience, spirituality, colonialism and what it means to be a neurodivergent, Black Indigenous Woman of Colour in a world that demands her assimilation and silence. She is the founder and CEO of Unstoried, which produces films and books that educate, entertain and empower People of the Global Majority (PGM aka People of Colour). Unstoried is a for-good, for-profit entity that will support free healing centres for PGM as they recover from transgenerational and racial trauma. Liana obtained her law degree from University College, London with a final year focus in Human Rights Law. After being admitted as an attorney to the New York Bar, she studied acting at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute and T. Schreiber Studio. Liana’s book Menoa: Ancestral Healing for Trauma, Addiction and Fractured Minds will be published internationally in February 2024. She won Best Columnist in the 2017 Best of Bermuda Awards for her articles examining culture, race and politics and her mental health-focused blog The Year of Celebration. As a mental health advocate, Liana has been interviewed by BBC Breakfast in the UK, BBC World News, and for Politica’s Facing Mental Health series. Her artwork has been exhibited in the Charman Prize at Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art (2019, 2021), where she won Best Use of Materials (2021), in the 2022 Bermuda National Gallery Biennial and in the Bermuda Society of Arts Exhibition on Emancipation (2020). Liana is the former Public Relations Officer of the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party and managed their 2017 General Election campaign resulting in an historic landslide victory. She is also the former Special Advisor to the Premier of Bermuda.
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